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David Bader

Executive Director of High-Performance Computing
School of Computational Science and Engineering High-performance computing for computational biology, parallel algorithms, bioinformatics, phylogeny reconstruction, epidemiology, protein-protein interaction networks, and large-scale graph analysis.

Mark Borodovsky

Regents' Professor, Director of the Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics Department of Biomedical Engineering at CoE and School of Computational Science & Engineering Bioinformatics algorithms, machine learning, gene prediction and structural genomic annotation.
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Gregory Gibson

Professor School of Biology Statistical genetics: whole genomic association studies.

King Jordan

Associate Professor School of Biology Genome evolution, transposable elements, gene regulation and expression, non-coding RNAs, convergent evolution.
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Kostas Konstantinidis

Assistant Professor School of Civil and Environmental Engineering Environmental microbiology and genomics. Population and single-cell genomics. Computational approaches for studying the ecology and evolution of microorganisms.

Eva Lee

Professor School of Industrial and Systems Engineering Biomedical informatics, modeling and computing. Machine learning and pattern recognition approaches to medial diagnosis/clinical data analysis. Genomic pattern recognition and prediction of function regions. Combinatorial approach and fast heuristics for DNA sequencing and multiple alignment problems.

Shamkant Navathe

Professor School of Computational Science and Engineering Database design, modeling and integration: genomic data management, intelligent information retrieval, data mining and warehousing, web-based knowledge warehouses and mobile database synchronization.

Haesun Park

Professor School of Computational Science & Engineering and College of Computing Pattern Analysis, numerical algorithms, data mining, scientific computing, bioinformatics, information retrieval and parallel computing.
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Le Song

Assistant Professor School of Computational Science and Engineering Machine learning: bioinformatics algorithms.

Brani Vidakovic

Professor School of Industrial and Systems Engineering Wavelets; Statistical analysis of high frequency data;
Random Processes that scale.
Multifractality, Bayesian statistical modeling,
Nonparametric statistical inference.

Eric Vigoda

Associate Professor School of Computer Science Randomized Algorithms, especially Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods; Statistical Physics; Analysis of Markov chain models arising in Evolutionary Biology.

Joshua Weitz

Assistant Professor School of Biology Theoretical ecology; bacterial viruses; microbial communities; biological networks; vascular plants; scaling laws; disease dynamics; interacting particle systems; adaptive dynamics.

Soojin Yi

Associate Professor School of Biology Comparative Genomics, Molecular Evolution, Bioinformatics, Population Genetics.

Dongmei May Wang

Associate Professor Department of Biomedical Engineering Medical informatics and bioimaging, developing diverse biomedical data analysis, modeling, interpretation algorithms and management infrastructure for disease detection, treatment, and drug discovery.
Integrative Biosystems

Melissa Kemp

Assistant Professor Department of Biomedical Engineering Signal transduction network inference, post-translational thiol modifications, nonlinear dynamics of biochemical systems.

Eberhard Voit

Professor and Research Alliance Eminent Scholar in Biological Systems Department of Biomedical Engineering Biomedical Systems Analysis, Mathematical Modeling and Simulation, Metabolic Pathways and Networks, Multi-level Assessments of Biological Complexity, S-systems.
Population Dynamics

Leonid Bunimovich

Regents' Professor

Adjunct Professor

School of Mathematics

School of Biology

Compex systems: evolution of complex systems, stochastic processes, inverse problems, dynamics of spatially extended systems, mathematical biology, bioinformatics, and neuroscience.

Howard Weiss

Professor School of Mathematics Nonlinear dynamics: population biology/ecology, spatial models of infectious diseases, agent-based models, symbolic dynamics and wavelets.
Structural Biology

Christine E. Heitsch

Assistant Professor School of Mathematics Discrete mathematical biology, combinatorics on words, and string algorithms. Design, analysis, and prediction of RNA secondary structures and DNA code words. Sequence / structure / function relationships for RNA viral genomes.

David Sherrill

Professor School of Chemistry & Biochemistry and College of Computing Benchmark-quality quantum computations on prototypes of noncovalent interactions, particularly pi-pi interactions, including substituent effects. Comparison of potential energy landscapes for model interactions with frequency of contacts in the PDB.

Jeffrey Skolnick

Professor, Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar in Computational Biology School of Biology Prediction of protein structure and function from sequence; prediction of protein tertiary and quaternary structure and folding pathways; prediction of small molecule ligands for drug discovery, prediction of druggable protein targets, equilibrium and dynamic properties of lipid bilayers; simulation of virus coat protein assembly.