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Georgia Tech courses recommended for graduate students affiliated with the Center of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Bioinformatics & Computational Biology courses:

BIOL 7023
CS 4710
BIOL 4755
BIOL 3332

Introduction to Computing in Bioinformatics
Mathematical Biology
Statistical Methods in Biology

Biology & Biochemistry courses:

BIOL 4220
BIOL 4469
BIOL 4478
BIOL 6608
BIOL 7010
BIOL 7668
BIOL 7670
BIOL 8063
CHEM 6501
CHEM 6502
CHEM 6572
CHEM 6581
CHEM 6583
Bacterial and Viral Genetics
Molecular Biology
Prokaryotic Molecular Genetics
Advanced Cell Biology
Eukaryotic Molecular Genetics
Advances in Molecular Separation Techniques
Seminar in Molecular Biology
Biochemistry I
Biochemistry II
Biomolecular Structure
Protein Crystallography
Drug Design and Discovery

Mathematics & Computer Science courses:

MATH 3012
MATH 3215
MATH 4022
MATH 4032
MATH 4221
MATH 4640
MATH 6266
MATH 6705
MATH 6514
CS 4451
CS 4710
CS 6230
CS 3500
CS 4400
CS 4500
CS 4640
CS 6300
CS 6310
CS 6320
CS 6330
CS 6485
CS 6500
CS 6705

Applied Combinatorics
Introduction to Probability and Statistics
Introduction to Graph Theory
Combinatorial Analysis
Stochastic Processes I
Numerical Analysis
Linear Statistical Models
Modeling and Dynamics
Industrial Mathematics I
Computer Graphics
Introduction to Computing Concepts in Bioinformatics
High Performance Parallel Computing: Tools and Applications
Multivariate Statistical Models Theory I
Introduction to Database Systems
Theory II
Machine Learning
Software Development Protocol
Software Architecture and Design
Software Requirements Analysis and Specifications
Software Generation, Testing and Maintenance
Visualization Methods for Science and Engineering
Introduction to Algorithms
Applications of Artificial Intelligence